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  • Hederman Traditional Beech Smoked Irish Organic Salmon


Delicate, delicious, and distinctively Irish. this is is the only smoked salmon in Ireland which has been hung for smoking in a traditional timber smokehouse. It makes all the difference: it’s more tender, there is greater depth and balance of flavour, and it has all the hallmarks of a handmade product smoked by someone with decades of experience. The time and care we take and the beech wood smoke we use result in a truly delicious smoked salmon which brings international guests to visit or buy from us in Belvelly. There is nothing quite like it any where else in the world. 

This smoked salmon is made with organic fish cultivated in the west coast of Ireland, in low density, off shore sites where the tides and the elements ensure lean fish which can hang in our smokehouse.  A portion of their diet is always marine which makes them much more  flavoursome. The difference between conventionally farmed fish and these is immense. We know, we’ve tried them all and we simply would not achieve the accolades we receive if we were not dealing with a world class raw material.

Traditional Smoked Irish Salmon Fillet 300g
(Farmed Organically, Cold Smoked)

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Fillet piece, unsliced. Organically farmed Irish fish hung smoked in an authentic timber smoke house. We add only salt and beechwood smoke.


Irish Salmon FISH (Salmo salar) 97%, salt 3%, beech wood smoke
May contain bones


Farmed Organically, Ireland

Estimating How Much Smoked Salmon You Will Need

We recommend 80g - 100g smoked salmon per person for a first course / light lunch portion, or 150g for larger main courses.
You can buy our organic sides in two halves of approx 500g each if you feel you won't consume a full side at once.
The smoked salmon has a 21 day shelf life vacuum-packed, and can be frozen, although it is best eaten fresh.

How to Slice Smoked Salmon

The easiest way to slice smoked salmon is with a sharp knife, straight down to the skin with a vertical cut. This gives an attractive D shape and minimises waste.
Always bring the smoked salmon to room temperature before serving.


Refrigerate 0-4C
Bring to room temperature before serving.

Nutritional Information

Quantity per 100g:
Energy: KJ 561 / kcal 133
Fat Total: 4.6g
Fat Saturated: .9g
Carbohydrate: 0
Protein: 23g
Sugars: 0
Salt: 1.27g

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