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Why Buy Hederman Smoked Butter

We’ve been smoking butter for decades, and while Frank often suggests new product ideas for smoking there are few that cannot simply be improved with a sliver of our smoked butter.


Take a firm, fat fresh piece of cod for example, possibly cured with some salt, and fry skin–side down until crisp with a little oil. Then baste with frothing smoked butter until à point and serve the cod with a salad of sliced raw tomatoes, also drizzled with the cooking jus and flaked salt. In short, way better than smoked cod.

Never again should you put yourself through the trauma of the badly smoked spud tasting of cinders & tar, or the squishy taut flesh of a brined smoked chicken. With a bit of smoked butter life is so much better … says Betty.

Please note, it should be used sparingly as it’s incredibly rich. We smoke Glenstal Abbey country butter from County Limerick, again using beechwood.

Smoked Farmhouse Butter 220g

Temporarily out of stock

220g of rich smoky Irish farmhouse butter. Delicious on crusty bread or in any cream or egg dishes. Use for cooking as you would use ordinary butter, maybe mixing 50:50 smoked:unsmoked.


Butter DAIRY, smoke

Can You Deliver to My Address?

Sorry no, this item is for Click & Collect only at the address you select when you place your order. We can also add it to the 'mostly smoked fish' selections


Refrigerate 0-4C
Bring to room temperature before serving.

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