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Our smoked food is made very simply using salt and smoke as natural preservatives to enhance delicious Irish raw materials. Everything we make is prepared in small batches by hand and delivered fresh to local farmers’ markets, and our shop in the English Market, Cork City. We can also ship smoked salmon directly to you.

Cold Smoked Salmon

Frank Hederman

We are best known for our traditional Irish smoked salmon. We buy the finest, sustainably produced Irish fish - organic or wild. We smoke it very fresh – within 24 hours of harvesting – and we use a traditional timber smoke house where the fish are hung for smoking. This, and very careful, minimal handling ensure the best smoked salmon.

We pack our fish unsliced. It comes in sides and in pieces, and we recommend you buy only what you need and eat it as fresh as possible. If you prefer a long-cut, then we recommend smoked salmon sides. However you can also slice straight down to the skin in a vertical cut, as shown. This tends to be less wasteful, and ensures the full gamut of flavours.

Hot Smoked Salmon

Frank Hederman

We also make hot smoked salmon, a process which involves cooking and smoking at the same time. A lighter salt cure is required, and the finished fish has a flaky, cooked - rather than cured - texture, and sumptuous, smoky flavour.
Our chilli smoked salmon looks very festive, and has a lively warmth, rather than scorching heat but we also have a plain variety.

Hot Smoked Mackerel

Frank Hederman

Smoked mackerel are also produced using the hot smoked method - that is, cooked and smoked simultaneously - after brining. Whole smoked mackerel are particularly succulent and delicious because they are effectively cooked on the bone. Their skins takes on a beautiful golden patina in the smoker, so they make a particularly eye-catching display as part of a large seafood platter. We also produce smoked mackerel fillets dressed with various herbs and spices. They bear no comparison with supermarket-bought mackerel, with a dense, meaty texture, and balanced flavour

Smoked Mussels in Vinaigrette

Frank Hederman

Sourced from Connemara these Irish mussels have been cooked and smoked and then marinated in a delicious creamy vinaigrette, so they are ready to eat.

Smoked Haddock

A lightly cured naturally smoked fish. We source fish caught by day boats from local ports only, when it is available.

Smoked Butter

Frank Hederman

Yes, you can smoke butter … in a cold smoker where temperatures average 21 degrees, and the result is absolutely delicious, although it should be used sparingly as it’s incredibly rich. We smoke unsalted Glenstal Abbey country butter from County Limerick, again using beechwood.

Smoked Sundried Tomato Tapenade

Frank Hederman

Made with Italian sundried tomatoes and garlic - both smoked - lemon juice and olive oil, this is intensely tomatoey and nicely smokey.

From Our Smoke House Kitchen

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Here we make simple dishes such as smoked salmon and mackerel pates, our crushes, made with hot smoked salmon or mackerel with horseradish, creme fraiche, lemon juice and dill, and our poached salmon and crab salad, a throw back to the cocktail years with its Marie Rose dressing. We also make luxurious hand-rolled fishcakes in a variety of flavours. The only preservative we add is lemon juice. Due to the relatively short shelf life of these products, they are only available at local markets in Cork.

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