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Omelette ‘Pancake’ with Smoked Salmon and Crème Fraîche

Simon Hopkinson



4 large eggs

Very little salt

1tbpn finely chopped chives

2 tbspn double cream


8 dspn crème fraîche

8 wafer thin slices best smoked salmon

Freshly ground black pepper



Beat together the eggs with salt, chive and cream.

Melt a tiny amount of butter in a small frying pan (non–stick for ease) over a moderate heat.

Add two tablespoons of the egg mixture and gently swirl it around the pan in one thin layer.

Allow it to set for several seconds and deftly flip it over, count to five and then slide it onto a sheet of kitchen paper.

Continue in this fashion until you have eight ‘pancakes’, then set aside.

To assemble, spread each one with a spoonful of crème fraîche lay two thin slices of smoked salmon over them and then snugly roll them up; not too tight but snug is definitely the word here.

Either serve them as is, for a generous first course garnished with a lightly dressed salad such as water cress or lambs lettuce (no rocket!) or slice into rounds and offer up on buttered brown bread as a rather nice old fashioned nibble, with drinks.

Serves 4

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