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Redefining Irish Smoked Salmon 

Frank Hederman has dedicated over 35 years to creating the finest handmade smoked salmon in the world. Drawing on Ireland’s heritage, focussing on small batch production, and avoiding mechanisation or automation where possible, he has spent decades refining the rare traditional skills of hang–smoking in an authentic timber smoke house. 

Today, he is widely recognised as the very best in the profession, and exports his Irish smoked salmon, including very rare wild smoked salmon, worldwide. At home in Ireland we offer a wider range of smoked fish and foods which can be found at farmers’ markets and our shop at the English Market, Cork City.

We deliver to destinations throughout Ireland, the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States of America.

Frank Hederman
Frank Hederman
Frank Hederman


Luxury Smoked Salmon

Frank Hederman is a self taught craftsman and businessman. His childhood, spent largely on the water in Cork’s vast natural harbour, may have informed and inspired his decision to smoke fish: local boats landing the wild Atlantic salmon catches, men on the camber salting and barrelling herring for export, the seawater literally ‘boiling’ with mackerel chasing spratt in season were all familiar sights. Following the footsteps of his late father, Pat, Frank was also building long lasting relationships with the men of the harbour and estuary who would later supply his fish.

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Organic & Wild
Irish Fish

How we select and prepare our raw materials for smoking. As with anyone producing good food, excellent ingredients are paramount. Here we focus on the wonderful Irish organic salmon and wild fish from our shores.

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Smoked Salmon

Good smoked fish requires very little embellishment. However, if you're a curious cook, we have a range of ingredients that will inspire you, and some ideas we have gained from chefs, friends and family along the way.

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Smoke House

Come savour the earthy, sweet beech-wood smoke, reminiscent of a log fire, and gain an insight to the highly skilled craft of traditional cold smoked salmon. Individuals are requested to call the day before you plan to visit. Advance bookings are taken for large groups only.

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Frank Hederman
Frank Hederman

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