C&C - Smoked Irish Mackerel Fillets x6

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Six Irish Mackerel fillets, hot smoked with beechwood, which come with a variety of seasonings including pepper, chillies, chives, Piri Piri, as well as plain.

Smoked mackerel are produced using the hot smoked method – that is, cooked and smoked simultaneously – after brining. We produce smoked mackerel fillets dressed with various herbs and spices. They bear no comparison with supermarket–bought mackerel, with a dense, meaty texture, and balanced flavour


Irish Mackerel FISH (Scomber scombrus) 97%, salt 3%, beechwood smoke & seasonings
may contain bones


Caught at sea, NW Coast of North Ireland & Scotland


Refrigerate 0-4C
Bring to room temperature before serving.

How to prepare smoked mackerel

These are ready to eat, but can be heated through gently in an oven. The skin peels off very easily. Always bring the smoked mackerel to room temperature before serving.


 “You can’t separate the artisan food business in Ireland from our geography… our landscape is at the heart of what we create. What we have in Ireland is wonderful raw material and we have the skills to bring those raw materials on, through husbandry” 


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