Hederman Hot Smoked Salmon Tacos, with Avocado, Slaw and Sour Cream.

Darren Kennedy

Serves 2-4 | Mexican | Snack, Starter, Party Food
Prep Time: 40 mins | Cooking Time: 20 mins | Total Time: 60 mins

Who doesn’t love tacos? These are very quick and easy to make, and so fresh and tasty. Hederman’s Hot Smoked Irish Salmon with chillies is perfect for this type of food. Its ready to go. Simply tear flake it up and put it in the tacos. Homemade tacos are honestly one of the best things to eat. I really encourage you to make your own tacos, but store–bought will work just fine.

Small tub sour cream

3 limes

450g Hederman’s Hot Smoked Salmon with Chillies

300g small head of white cabbage(savoy/hispi)

Bunch of coriander

2 avocados

2tsp Olive oil

250g Plain flour

5g Salt

150ml water


Pastry cutter Scales

Mixing bowls

Sharp knife/mandolin

Rolling pin

Heavy based pan/griddle

Kitchen towel

*Taco Dough*
In a mixing bowl, put 250g flour, 2tsp olive oil, 5g salt, and stir together. Add in 150ml warm water. Knead until it comes together to a soft dough. Turn onto a bench and keep kneading for a few mins. Don’t add more flour if you don’t have to. Let rest for 15 minutes under a kitchen towel.

While the dough is resting prepare the slaw, by thinly slicing the cabbage and mix with 5g salt. Crush it in your hands to fully mix in the salt and soften the cabbage, add the zest of a lime. Scoop out the avocado and crush it with a fork.

*Cook the tacos*
Put a heavy based pan on high heat. Measure out 20g of dough and roll with a little extra flour to around 1cm thickness. Grill them for about a minute on each side, turning a few times to avoid charring too much. Keep under a towel to avoid getting dry.

When ready, spread the avocado, then flakes of Hederman’s Salmon, and finally the cabbage and sour cream, garnish with torn leaves of coriander and a slice of lime.