Hederman Smoked Salmon with Seeded Crackers, Creme Fraiche, Burnt Pickled Cucumber & Kaffir Lime Oil

Darren Kennedy

Serves 2-4 | Modern Irish | Starter, Lunch, Light Snack
Prep Time: 30 mins | Cooking Time: 40 mins | Total Time: 75 mins

This is a personal take on a classic dish that really gets brought to life by some exceptional quality smoked Irish Salmon and a bright, flavourful herb oil. This can be prepared well in advance and it’s always nice to have some smoked salmon ready to go in the fridge when you want something quick, easy and healthy. This dish can be eaten at any time of year and feels like restaurant quality in the comfort of your own home. The crackers and pickles can be made in bigger batches and stored in air tight tubs, and you should always buy more salmon than you need.

Hederman’s Smoked Salmon


200g Linseeds

20g pumpkin seeds 

20g sunflower seeds

20g sesame seeds

5g cumin seeds

20g caraway seeds

3g salt 

300g cool water

1 Cucumber

1 small tub good quality crème fraiche, about 200g

Good quality white wine vinegar

1 lemon

10 kaffir lime leaves (fresh if possible)

4 curry leaves (fresh if possible)

1 bunch Dill

1 Bunch Parsley

3g root ginger, peeled and roughly chopped

Olive oil

*The Crackers*
Pre heat your oven to 160C. In a bowl, combine 200g Linseeds, 20g pumpkin seeds,20g sunflower seeds, 20g sesame seeds, 5g cumin seeds, 20g carraway seeds, 3g salt, 300g cool water. Stir well and let to soak for 15 mins. Line a shallow tray with baking paper, spread your mix onto tray thinly and bake for 45–50 mins. They should feel crisp when ready. Let cool completely. Store in a plastic airtight tub if making in advance. These keep nicely for 2 weeks.

*The Green Oil*
While your crackers are baking, add all your herbs, ginger, kaffir and curry leaves in a blender, along with the olive oil and blend on a high speed for 8–10 mins. This is ready when the oil is a strong green colour and well emulsified. You know you’ve done this correctly when you have a slight buzzing in your ears from the blender. Put into a sieve (preferably lined with a muslin/cheesecloth) and let the oil drip through by itself. Can be made 3 days in advance and freezes really well.

*The Pickled Cucumbers*
Put a heavy based pan/griddle on high heat. Blacken the cucumber all over and let cool. Cut into quarters and scoop out the seeds (leave them in if you want). Slice or cut them to your desired thickness and dress with 3g salt, squeeze of a half lemon, white wine vinegar, 5g white sugar. Toss the cucumber in the dressing. Can be kept in a sealed tub/jar for up to a month.

Slice the salmon to your liking. I like thick cuts. And garnish your plate with the pickles, a good dollop of crème fraiche and generous splash of kaffir lime oil. Spread it all on the crackers.