Smoke House Tours

In 2024 you can enjoy a light-hearted tour of our smoke house, situated on the shores of Cork harbour 10 minutes from Cobh or 30 minutes from Cork City. The experience starts the moment you arrive in the yard, where, more often than not, you’ll be greeted by the earthy sweet aroma of beechwood smoke – ours is a working smoke house, running for over 40 years, supplying markets in Cork, restaurants throughout Europe, corporate and private customers around the world.

We'll take you behind the scenes where you can see and hear for yourself what makes our smoked fish so authentic: ours is the only traditional timber smoke house, and the only place where fish are hung for smoking in Ireland.

You’ll have the opportunity to taste and savour as we go, and when we’ve finished the tour (approx 30 minutes) you can linger and enjoy a platter of smoked food in our Tasting Room shop, our secluded walled garden, or we can pack a picnic for you to enjoy on the pier head in Cobh or the Arboretum at Fota House.  If you don't have time to stay for food, you can enjoy the thrill of selecting your own salmon from the smoker, to be forwarded by courier at cost shipping price (free shipping in Ireland) to your home address. 

Our maximum tour size is 14 people. If you are running late, place call us to see if you can join another tour. If not, we cannot guarantee delaying the start time.

Who you might meet

Winner of the prestigious Walter Scheel Medaille, and lauded by the international food press over 40 years in business, Frank and his wife Caroline now run the smokehouse and our market outlets with two experienced smokers Dan and Tom, chef Alessandra, office manager and head of sales, Miriam, and our market team Vanessa, Eduarda, Tomo and Beatrice. We all look forward to meeting you.

Hederman Team

Mostly Smoked Fish Sold Here

If you would like to buy any of the other products you taste, to take home, that can also be arranged, subject to availability. We offer 10% discount to all tour guests. The tour may include some surprises from our kitchen which unfortunately cannot be shipped.

Private tours with the owners, Frank & Caroline

We offer a range of bespoke tours and private dining. please call for advice.


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