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With this option the tour includes a side of cold or hot smoked salmon (between two), which you can take with you or have shipped if you don't have anywhere to store your salmon while travelling. This is the tour to choose if you you don’t have time to linger and enjoy a picnic or tasting platter in our garden or locally. You will still be able to taste and savour as we take you behind the scenes to describe and demonstrate how we make our food. You can participate in the tour (approximately 30-45 minutes), select your fish from the smoker and be off on your travels.

All tours will offer insights to the unique hanging process that produces genuine, handmade smoked fish, and makes it so different to all other smoked salmon you’ve ever tasted. You’ll experience a working environment and hear directly from the tight knit team who make this Irish delicacy day in day out.


Price on application.

Please contact us for details: 

Shipping option

We offer free shipping in Ireland, and Northern Ireland. However, if you wish to ship further afield, the courier cost with DHL will be charged over and above ticket price.

Unfortunately we cannot ship to all countries, including the UK, We can ship to the EU, the US and Switzerland. Please check with us before booking

One side of salmon (minimum 1 kg salmon) is shipped to one address only, for two people sharing. 


Children up to the age of 14 free of charge, but please let us know numbers in your booking notes, and please mind your children when they are on our premises. It is important that they do not disrupt the tour for other people.

Private Tour

If you wish to have a private tour, please contact the smoke house 


Group Size

Minimum tour group size  - two people, Maximum tour of eight people, subject to availability

Running Late

If you are running late, we cannot guarantee delaying the start time of your booked tour, but you are welcome to join it at any time.


Tours cancelled more than a full week in advance will be fully reimbursed.

Tours cancelled within a week of taking place, but with more than 48 hours notice, will be charged a 50% cancellation fee.

Tours cancelled in under a 48 hour notice period will be charged at full cost.

Belvelly Smoke House reserves the right, under unavoidable circumstances, to cancel group bookings at any time, in which case you will be fully refunded.

Health & Safety

You will be required to complete Health & Safety questionnaires, wear PPE (hat and coat) and wash your hands before the tour. Please mind your children when they are on our premises.


*Tours are available from March 1st to October 30th*


 “You can’t separate the artisan food business in Ireland from our geography… our landscape is at the heart of what we create. What we have in Ireland is wonderful raw material and we have the skills to bring those raw materials on, through husbandry” 


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